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The Challenges of Being Single in Boston

Boston is a great city for professionals and this vibrant area has a lot to offer. However, it isn’t the ideal mating ground for dating, especially for women. Known as a good city for heterosexual males, women singles are having a harder time finding a suitable mate. But why exactly is it such a challenge to be single in the city? Here are a few factors that make Boston such a challenging city for female singles.

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Disproportionate Male to Female Ratio

Dating in Boston is particularly challenging because of the lopsided men to women ratio. Just to give you an idea of what women are facing, one MIT researcher came up with an algorithm that demonstrated that every single male had a potential of 2,500 female suitors, even if he singled out all undesirable matches. Also, with so many choices, men struggle more with commitment and may not be as interested in settling down, even when they’re in a good relationship.

Lack of Commitment

Boston men were also reported to expect sex on the first date at higher rates than any other major cities, according to a study that was featured in Glamour magazine in 2012, which makes matters even worse for those wanting to settle long term.

Men in Boston are often not looking for anything serious. Single women report being frustrated with men who either don’t date or decide that they only want casual hook-ups. While these can be fun when you’re young and single, many women want to have a serious or committed relationship at some point down the road. Finding a man who also wants to take their relationship seriously can be a challenge. This is why many women find that they settle for less when it comes to dating and find themselves in a loop of casual dates, time and time again.

High Expectations

In a high-powered atmosphere like Boston, both men and women struggle to be high achievers. And high achievers often are perfectionists to a fault. When they don’t get everything they want, they may feel as though it’s not worth even making an effort. Dating in Boston can be a challenge for women who don’t want to settle for less. While you shouldn’t let yourself stay in a bad relationship, it can be challenging for both men and women to see past surface faults.

Lack of Prioritization

In a vibrant city like Boston, both men and women find that their career is often the most important aspect of their life. Although there may be some time for dating, women often find that they struggle to date men due to having a busy work life.

Having a good career is a benefit for any number of reasons, but it can make dating challenging. Since Boston is very much a get-ahead type of city, living here means a constant struggle for professional growth. Personal relationships and dating often take a back burner. Women find that they may find it difficult to meet a man who prioritizes dating and relationships.


These are a few of the reasons why women struggle to date in the city of Boston. But while dating in the city may be a challenge, many dating and relationship professionals have set up shop in the city and are helping upwardly mobile singles find their match everyday, often with resounding success.