Ngurah Rai: The Beautiful Bali Airport

Airport is one of the most important infrastructures on earth. Being a place where passengers get on and off their flights and where the airplanes land and take off, airport is without a doubt also one of the busiest place – regardless of where it is located. Ngurah Rai International Airport, for instance. Being the only Bali airport in the hottest tourism and vacation destination in Indonesia makes it the busiest airport not only in the country, but also all over the world. With international flights recorded at an average of 39,509 flights carrying approximately 6,177,044 passengers and domestic flights at an average of 64,300 flights with approximately 6,594,830 passengers – it’s no wonder how the airport makes it to the list to begin with.

Named after a brave Balinese hero who was killed in Puputan War, I Gusti Ngurah Rai, this airport is often referred to as Denpasar Airport despite the fact that it is located nowhere near Denpasar. Yes, this Bali airport is indeed located in Tuban, somewhere located between Jimbaran and Kuta, about 13 kilometers south of Denpasar. This airport underwent a major and extensive renovations which was successfully completed in 2013, the renovations completely changed the look of this international airport – incorporating a distinctive design to the airport both interior and exterior, with a new incredible roof which closely resembles a massive white wave. Ngurah Rai International Airport does not only look beautiful from the outside, but also from the inside as the changes were done to both the interior and exterior. Incorporating Balinese design and elements to its interior, the new Ngurah Rai International Airport is not only the most beautiful airport in Indonesia, but also the world.

Terminal which belongs to international flights features an incredible three storey building with the first floor for arrival, the second floor for facilities such as money changer, bars, shops, restaurands and many more and the third floor for departure lounge complete with a few shops and posh restaurants as well. All of this three storey building is equipped with free, high-speed WiFi connection. Once you have cleared customs and everything that is required, you may head for the gate – unlike many other airports which seem dull outside of the arrival gate, Ngurah Rai International Bali airport transformed this spacious space into a beautiful open space with so many facilities such as coffee shops, money changers, minimarkets, duty free counters as well as taxi counters.